Frequently Asked Questions

S.P.A.R.C. is the Student Psychology Annual Research Conference, hosted annually by the University of West Georgia's Psychology department. It is a research conference designed to facilitate personal and professional enrichment as both undergraduate and graduate students share their papers and projects in a 10 min presentation.

Who can participate in SPARC?

While SPARC is housed in the psychology program of UWG any UWG student in DAPS can participate in this conference. All they need is a faculty sponsor and to have submitted their work by the submission deadline.

Graduate Students

This conference is an excellent opportunity for our graduate students. Not only is SPARC a wonderful opportunity for students to share their work (completed or still in progress) with others in the psychology department, but it is a professional presentation that can be listed on your vita/resume.

Undergraduate Students

SPARC is also a wonderful opportunity for undergraduate students to share their work (completed or still in progress) with others in the psychology department, and it enhance your resume when it comes to internships, practicum, or graduate school.

How do I submit a proposal?

Submissions of proposals are currently being handled through the Submissions page. Simply fill out the form located on the submissions page. You can submit proposals for a 15 minute pre-recorded video, a powerpoint presentation (20-30 slides max), or a paper (10 pages max).

Can I submit multiple proposals?

Yes you can. You can submit up to 2 proposals including group presentations.

Please see submissions page for guideline for submitting multiple proposals.

When are final presentations due?

Completed presentations are due on April 4th and will premiere virtually on April 21st.

Can I submit proposals with other students?

Yes! We encourage students to work together with others to share new ideas and their collective research!

How long is a SPARC presentation?

We ask that presentations are no longer than 15 minutes if prerecorded. We also have opened up opportunities to present written reports, or PowerPoints at SPARC. We prefer that written reports can still be read in about the same time that it would take to present. (Roughly 10 pages or under for a written paper/ 20-30 Slides for a PowerPoint). SPARC is a chance to show an abbreviated and succinct presentation of your work so we ask that you remain at or below those guidelines for non-recorded formats.

What is the format of this year's event?

In the past SPARC would be a full day event but for the safety of presenters and conference organizers we are moving to an online format. Because of this, classes will still occur and conference submissions will be prerecorded and shared to the SPARC 2021 conference page. You will be able to view all submissions at your own discretion. Along with the virtual program, we are cautiously optimistic that an in-person viewing of the presentations may take place at the Campus Center on April 21st with celebrations afterwards.