What is SPARC?

S.P.A.R.C. is the Student Psychology Annual Research Conference, hosted annually by the University of West Georgia's Psychology department.

It is a research conference designed to facilitate personal and professional enrichment as both undergraduate and graduate students share their papers and projects in a 10 min presentation.

Who can participate in SPARC?

Any UWG student can participate in this conference. All they need is a faculty sponsor and to have submitted their work by the submission deadline.

Graduate Students

This conference is an excellent opportunity for our graduate students. Not only is SPARC a wonderful opportunity for students to share their work

(completed or still in progress) with others in the psychology department, but it is a professional presentation that can be listed on your vita/resume.

Undergraduate Students

SPARC is also a wonderful opportunity for undergraduate students to share their work (completed or still in progress) with others in the psychology department,

and it enhance your resume when it comes to internships, practicum, or graduate school.

How do I enter a Submission?

Submissions are currently being handled through the Submissions page. Simply fill out the form located on the submissions page.

Can I submit multiple items?

Yes you can. You can submit up to 2 topics including group presentations.

Please rank your individual submissions with an order of importance because

space may be limited and we cannot guarantee all of your submissions will be scheduled due to time restrictions.

Please see submissions page for guideline for submitting multiple presentations.

All presentations will be 10 minutes in length plus 5 minutes for questions.

Group presenters will need to divide the 10 minutes between all group members as you see fit.

Will I need to miss class to participate?

If you are scheduled to attend psychology classes that day, then no, you will not.

All afternoon classes in the psychology department will be canceled for the conference.